Financial Dashboard for FinTech Startup

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In the rapidly evolving world of FinTech, staying ahead of the game means constantly adapting to the changing landscape and ensuring all stakeholders have access to clear and concise data. Our client, a burgeoning FinTech startup, recognized the need to improve its data representation for its private investors. The challenge was transforming a static, monthly report into a dynamic and interactive dashboard that offers clarity and comparison across different timelines.


Project Requirements:

‣  Interactive visualization of key performance metrics tailored for private investors.

‣  The capability to update the dashboard on a monthly basis.

‣  A shift from a static, emailed report to a digital, interactive platform.

‣  In-depth insights allowing comparisons across time.


Data Visualization & Design: Developed structured interactive dashboards that efficiently segment and represent data.

Platform Integration & Management: Transitioned from static reporting to an adaptable digital platform with automated monthly data updates

Tailored Solutions: Constructed a platform specifically designed to align with the requirements of private investors.

The Process:


Our team undertook an in-depth analysis of the existing report to identify its pitfalls. Recognizing that the static nature of the report was a significant challenge, we decided to break down the data into three thematic sections. This ensured clarity while also providing a structure for the interactive design. Incorporating interactivity allowed users to delve deeper into each metric, observing changes and trends over time. This interactive format also facilitated easy navigation through different months of data, thereby enhancing the user experience.

The Result:


The transformation from a single, static report to a three-part interactive dashboard has drastically improved data interpretation for stakeholders. Investors can now not only view key performance metrics at a glance but can also delve deeper into each section, observing intricate details and identifying patterns over time. The added capability to navigate across different months has given stakeholders the ability to easily compare and contrast data, leading to more informed decision-making.

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